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Poker fans have a new destination for watching top poker action

The massive popularity and success of "YouTube" shows that video sharing has become an important element in the Web 2.0 marketing concept of increased online community interactivity, and the publication Poker has entered the field with its own poker video project.

The publication has entered into a joint venture with poker-video sharing site PokerTube.Com to screen PokerNews videos on the video sharing site's first dedicated 'channel'.

Since its initial launch in February 2007, PokerTube has grown to be one of the most popular poker video communities offering an extensive list of poker related videos including video blogs, televised poker and card tricks.

"In an astonishingly short time, PokerTube has become the destination for fans of poker to see all the great moments in televised poker. Having our videos on PokerTube has had a huge impact on our number of views. We're proud to launch the first channel on PokerTube, and we look forward to bringing the best in video coverage to PokerTube's visitors," noted John Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief of

The manager of PokerTube.Com, Stefan Wittmoss, is equally excited about this partnership noting, "We're talking a new step into making PokerTube the most essential video site for poker content and we're very exited about having PokerNews on as our first Partner Channel."

PokerTube.Com is known to be user friendly and has a well archived list of all the most popular poker related videos including World Series of Poker Main Event footage from as far back as 1970. The site can be found at